BMC Software NYC Cycling Championships, 01August2004

Zippin' through lower Manhattan.

Greg Henderson gives a finish line acknowledgement of victory.
Greg on his return path maintaining that victory feel..
Mari Holden took a break in the early morning rain enroute...
... to her victory.
Last year's victor, Sarah Uhl, in hot pursuit (on her 21st birthday; HB to Sarah!).
Another angle of the above view.
Yup, lower Manhattan has the boats coming in.
I have to say that I like this perspective.
A not as wide 14mm rectilinear versus the prior image's wider curvaceous 15mm fish-eye.
Near the start/finish area.
Intense mugginess, lens condensation, and a misty beginning to the men's race.
Those who ride near glass buildings should not throw heavy bicycle pumps.
A photo Ofoto.
Michael Creed always looks good on the bike.
A knackered looking Viktor Rapinski.
The men's podium.
Last year's winner, Marty Nothstein.
The face of the champion, Greg Henderson.
It was a Health Net day.
Chris Wherry.
Health Net.
Former winner Ivan Dominguez made the podium.
Fast Freddie Rodriguez had to contend with some mechanicals.